Fortschritt durch Bewegung

Über mich

über mich

Ich freue mich Dich in Themen wie Bewegung, Ernährung, psychische Gesundheit und Lebensstil zu coachen und deine persönlichen Ziele zu verfolgen. Mit meinem breiten Fachwissen in Sportwissenschaft, Sporttherapie, Yoga, Radsport, Naturheilpraktik und Leistungssport, habe ich hohe Qualitätsansprüche in der Bewegungsausführung. Mir ist wichtig deinen Körper vor Dysbalancen, und Verletzungen präventiv zu schützen oder wiederaufzubauen. Durch individuelle Übungen wird gezielt mobilisiert, gekräftigt und gedehnt. Im Ausdauersport erfährst du mehr über das polarisierte Training und deine aerobe und aenerobe Schwelle. Ich freue mich auf ein Training mit Dir und Dich auf deinem Weg begleiten zu dürfen.


  • Yoga – Teacher Training mit Diplom (200h) 2020
  • Naturheilpraktikerin in Ausbildung seit 2019
  • Master in Sportwissenschaft und BWL (Konsumentenforschung) an der Universität Bern 2019
  • MBSR- Coach (Mental-Based-Stress-Reduction) 2019
  • Eidg. Diplomierter MTT- Therapeut SVGS 2017
  • Swiss Cycling MTB – Guide 2015
  • TRX Trainerin 1 mit Diplom, Schwimmleiterin mit Diplom
  • Selbstkompetenz und Burnout-Prävention in Berlin (3 Jahre) 2013

Salome works evidence based due to her deep knowledge and she has the scientific background to make my workout most effective. In only 3 month I was able to tie in with my sport experiences from 20 years ago. The inflammation in my wrist was gone within 2 weeks when we focused on my diet. Furthermore, my fatigue syndrome is vanished, my posture has significantly improved, and my mind is much more focused. I wish, I’d have signed up for personal training much sooner. With Salome I train more effective and efficient, and she does everything to prevent accidents.

Arlette Schilter
Dipl. Ing. ETH, VR Präsidentin LS Solutions AG

I am a convinced customer of Salomé Burki Training for three years. Thanks to her high professional competence as a trainer as well as her psychological and medical knowledge, she knows how to support the participants individually and broadly within the group. She has an inexhaustible repertoire of exercises at her disposal, which she uses to create a diverse training programme. The best thing about it is, that sport with her takes place in the nature and she spread a good mood whatever the weather! I also attend the training because I suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Michael Hug

Salome Burki trains me since two an a half year. I am very happy with her supervision; I hit all my high targets in endurance sports und feel very well. With her support, I learnd a lot about food, work life balance and recovery. So I can do now my job as a manager much better and I keep well and fit. Salome Burki is a person of outstanding ability!

Dr. Claudia Hänzi
Chefin ASO

I love doing sports after work in a small group. Salome Burki, the leader of this group, is an expert in several different sports and an exceptional motivator.

Dr. Reto Stampfli
Headmaster Kantonsschule Solothurn

We have to pleasure to recommend Ms. Salome Burki, who was our personal trainer the entire year 2017 from. During our training with Salome, she showed professionalism and dedication. In addition, her positive attitude and motivation inspired us to constantly work hard on and finally reach our personal body fitness targets which is highly appreciated. She has proved to be hard working, sincere, focused and therefore will be an asset to anybody she coaches.

Arabelle und Tom Umiker
Umikers Hotel Weissenstein